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A kiddie castle student grows to become a creative and self-reliant individual with leadership skills. Armed with positive attitude, a kiddie castle kid is ready to take on the world.

Our Princes and Princesses learn the art of expression and communication through fun methods like story-telling, role play, picture description and singing songs. Children are also encouraged to talk about pictures, to ‘read’ picture books and to re-tell favourite stories to adults and peers.

Kiddie castle provides them the opportunity to discover their environment in a variety of ways. Kids are taught to observe shapes, colours, patterns and sequences of events in their environment by listening, touching and even smelling. They are encouraged to ask questions, match and compare information. The art room in our school helps provide an opportunity to children to investigate and use a variety of materials and to explore line, shape, colour, pattern and texture.

Also children have the opportunity to enjoy music in all its forms, participate in playing instruments, sing and move rhythmically to music. The importance of physical education cannot be ignored. Children’s physical development is influenced by their growing confidence and enjoyment of physical play. Hence, Kiddie Castle provides them a big outdoor play area, with plenty of age appropriate play equipments.

And anything a Child can Ever Imagine!

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